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Founding Partner

Bell & Whistle was founded by Ross Cunningham in 2015. Ross has worked in the creative industry for the past twenty-five years, focusing on branding, visual identity, and graphic design. With a background in architecture, he has specific expertise within the property industry and has worked across several international regions. 

At Bell & Whistle, Ross develops the creative strategy and visual language for corporate identities and multimedia campaigns; and is directly responsible for ensuring the final design output is coherent and engaging across all channels.

Ross Cunningham
Creative Director
+44 (0)7919 202 759



Bell & Whistle has over 25 years' experience in carefully crafting design material that is faithful to each brand's personality, values, and positioning.

Whether your brand is a business, a building, or a biscuit—Bell & Whistle can help you attract the right attention with a memorable and enduring visual identity.

Creative Process

Bell & Whistle utilises a flexible, tried-and-tested design process to guide successful creative output. The framework moves through three key stages in order to: (1) position the brand; (2) create an appropriate brand language; and (3) produce a coherent and engaging suite of brand materials.

Click on the image below to view creative strategy:


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