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Client: Turbo Agri Ltd

Deliverables: Branding | Identity Design | Packaging Design | Marketing Materials (Brochure, Website & Merchandising) | Exhibition Design 


Man&Beast produces a range of high performance products for cattle and sheep. The 'Turbo'-named products were originally being produced by Turbo Agri. To create clarity between producer and product brand, and provide flexibility for further product lines, a new company identity was created for the production company.


The new company name, Man&Beast, along with the illustrated logo roundel, was designed to present the core value of animal welfare. The naming structure for the entire product range was also overhauled, with a more coherent colour-coded visual identity introduced across the packaging design. The visual style aimed to create a more informational, medicinal and professional feel to the range.

Logo - Single Colour Version

Product Positioning

Product Range Brochure

Product Range Spread - Cattle

Product Range Spread - Sheep

Packaging Design - Drenches

Packaging Design - Bucket Licks

Product Range Brochure

Packaging Design - Tubes

Packaging Design - Turbo Colostrum

Packaging Design - Hydration

Testimonial Video Overlays

Business Cards (White Foil on Ebony Board)

Man & Beast Merchandise

Stand Design at the National Ploughing Event

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Packaging Design - Turbo Thrive Cattle

Man & Beast Clothing

Testimonial Video Overlays

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